Empowering Lives

India is known for its artistry & workmanship and is one of the most crafts rich countries in the world. It has hidden gems as craftsmen spread across the country. However, many are forced to leave their art, which has been carried for generations, to make ends meet. Roomattic takes a conscious effort to ensure that both – their livelihood and heritage can be combined together.

We bring together a team of artisans who are elated to continue their craft and revive a dying art. Roomattic aims to provide a global market to these artisans, sustaining their communities and preserving their traditional techniques.

 In an age of mass production & generic decor, Roomattic ensures that our customers get exclusive & one of its kind items at great value whenever they purchase from us. Almost everything available on our store is entirely handcrafted by artisans; ranging from bone inlay décor, all painstakingly pieced by hand, carved white metal objet d’art, hammered brass planters to moulded stone sculptures.

Take a step with us into the time of the maker, the experience of knowing where your products come from and who made them…




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